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Revolutionary Liquid Epoxy Toughener

Since the 1960's, Kaneka Corporation has been a technological pioneer in the development of polymers employing a core-shell structure. In these four decades, Kaneka has expanded and refined their unique technology, resulting in the successful commercialization of a wide variety of additives in markets such as polyvinylchloride and engineering resins.

Kaneka's technology is designed to optimize the dispersion of core-shell particles throughout the respective matrix, thereby maximizing the toughening capability of the complete system. Achieving good dispersion of conventional "powder" core-shell polymers in liquid epoxy has long proved a difficult, if not impossible, task, requiring cumbersome and expensive manufacturing steps, and the difficult and potentially dangerous task of handling dusty powders. The resulting blend then suffered from separation of the modifier from the liquid epoxy media, a very short shelf life, inconsistency in finished products, and ultimately interior performance.

To overcome these obstacles, Kaneka embarked on an extended program that resulted in the development of Kane Ace MX, a core-shell toughener pre-dispersed in epoxy and other thermoset media during manufacture. Utilizing innovative techniques, Kane Ace MX allows thermoset processors to easily and cleanly employ the use of core-shell tougheners.

Kane Ace MX is extremely stable, providing extended shelf life (multiple years) and unmatched batch to batch consistency. Kane Ace MX is remarkably "clean" with little or no residual surfactants or ionic contaminants. Finally, unique technology employed in the production of Kane Ace MX provides for optimum dispersion of discrete core shell domains, thereby maximizing the overall physical performance of the complete system.