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Kane Ace MX - Coatings

Additives for Coatings Industry:

Kaneka offers a broad range of potential solutions to your coatings problems at all stages of manufacture. Our additives are widely recognized as problem-solvers in the coatings and inks industries worldwide. They are used in overcoming application problems, processing difficulties in manufacturing, optimizing final coating appearance and properties, and eliminating formulation problems.

The coating additives we produce cover these functional classes:

  • Rheology modifiers
  • Dispersants and wetting agents
  • Stabilizers and antiblocking agents

Kane Ace MX modifiers have been shown to significantly improve impact resistance and durability of paints, sealants and other coatings based on epoxy resins and other thermosets. Coatings which are subject to high wear, frequent impacts or harsh cleaning are particularly good candidates for Kane Ace MX.

Kaneka would be pleased to send technical literature and samples of our additives or to discuss any technical problem you are experiencing in formulation, processing, or application. Our technical staff can be reached at 1-800-KANE-ACE. For samples, call 1-800-KANE-ACE.