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Kane Ace MX - Composites

For the first time, Kane Ace MX affords thermoset processors significant performance enhancements without and sacrifice of Tg, and the same "ease of use" as has been commonplace in the world of thermoplastics.

The role of the polymeric matrix is to support the reinforcement fibers and bond them together in the composite structure. The matrix maintains the fibers in the desired orientation and transfers any applied load to them. The polymeric matrix also determines the maximum operating temperature and the environmental resistance of the complete system. Selection of the polymeric matrix is critical to the overall performance of the composite structure.

Toughness is a performance attribute of primary concern in may composites applications, and historically, core-shell rubber particles have been used to toughen polymeric matrices. When a composite toughened with rubber particles is impacted, the rubber particles cavitate because of the tri-axial tension around the crack tip. This cavitation process relieves the in-plane strain ahead of the crack thus minimizing crack propagation. The cavitation theory is generally accepted as the primary toughening mechanism for rubber modified polymers.

Kaneka would be pleased to send technical literature and samples of our additives or to discuss any technical problem you are experiencing in formulation, processing, or application. Our technical staff can be reached at 1-800-KANE-ACE. For samples, call 1-800-KANE-ACE.